Personal Trainer

Sports Science

Coaching & Performance Bsc

Advanced Personal Trainer

British Weightlifting Level 2 Coach


Services Offered
1 to 1 Personal

Training Tailored to individual needs at the gym or home studio

Body fat analysis / Measurement / regular check-ins

Specific Training Programs and realistic diet plans

Buddy Sessions PT

1 to 1 Olympic Lifting Coaching


Awen started her fitness career at Evolution in 2012. She has since gained valuable experience which has allowed her to develop into an accomplished Personal Trainer who is extremely popular with members. She has helped a countless amount of clients become fitter, healthier and more confident with her unique ability to connect with her clients and understand that everyone is different.
“I have enjoyed every minute of working at Evolution since making the decision to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I always ensure my clients have fun and enjoy their time with me while achieving those goals, whatever they may be”

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Phone: 07847 896871