New members will get issued a membership card at reception upon their first visit to the gym after joining. It is the members responsibility to produce this card at reception on every visit to the gym to get checked in by our staff. Checking in at reception will also inform our system that a member has attended a class that they have pre-booked. We will only issue one free card upon Joining. Each member can use the same card on-going even if rejoining after a membership has lapsed.


If a membership card is lost or fails to work due to visible damage, the member will need to purchase a new card at reception. Staff will manual check members in on the odd occasion when the card is forgotten, but if a member repeatedly fails to issue the card, staff will ask the member to purchase a replacement card.


We encourage all members to use our online class booking system to book all classes. This reduces queuing time at reception and keeps the member in control of all their bookings to avoid booking errors. To view our full class booking policy click here. Or you can pick a copy up at reception.


Appropriate gym wear and trainers must be worn to use the gym at all times. Work clothes, work boots, shoes and flip flops / sandals are not permitted ant any time.


We asked all members to respect other members and staff at all times. We reserve the right to cancel a members membership without a refund for the following reason – – Abusive, aggressive, intimidating, violent or disrespectful behaviour towards any members or staff. – Misuse or damage of the equipment or property. – Persistent inability to replace weight discs or dumbbells on the storage racks.


Our cleaning team will access the male and female changing rooms half an hour before the end of each days closing time. We ask all members to vacate the changing rooms before the cleaning team arrive. Signs will always be put up to inform members of this policy and to inform members which area is being cleaned. Male members of the cleaning team will need to access the ladies changing rooms and toilets during cleaning time. To take a look at our opening times click here.


We provide secure lockers in the changing rooms to ensure your personal belongings are safe while you use the gym. We also have quick drop bag storage areas within the gym which are not secure. We recommend only using the quick drop bag areas if you don’t have anything valuable in your gym bag. We can not be responsible for any personal belongings which are not stored in the lockers, quick drop bag read are used entirely at members risk.


All of our official Personal Trainers are not employees of Evolution, but are self-employed free lance professionals. They pay Evolution a fee for the right to train clients at our facility and we also ensure they are fully qualified and hold valid insurance policies. When you pay for their services, you enter into an agreement with the Personal Trainer alone and not Evolution. Members are not permitted to bring in their own Personal Trainer or act as a Personal Trainer for other members for monetary gain or not.
To take a look at who our Personal Trainers are, click here.