Craig Armstrong

Nutritionist / Physiologist


BA Sport & Exercise Science
MSc Physiology
PhD Nutrition Physiology *under review
Published author
Owner of Armstrong Health Specialists
Nutrition consultant

Services Offered

Physiological profiling
Health check MOTs
Food intolerance assessments
Metabolism identification
Nutrition analysis
Elite performance management
Strength & conditioning


Craig Armstrong is the owner of Armstrong Heath Specialists. He is a nutritional physiologist and has a BA and MSc in exercise and nutrition physiology. He is also undertaking a PhD in the related field. His main area of expertise is in the field of sports and health nutrition, and he includes Wales and GB athletes amongst his clients.

Craig’s focus is ensuring that his clients are provided with advice that is up to date, informed by the latest research evidence, and tailored for the individual based on the results of physiological tests and the goals they wish to achieve. The results that have been achieved by Craig’s clients demonstrate how effective Craig’s methods are.


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