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Getting Started

Funamentals Intro

Once you’ve selected your membership package and signed up, book straight in for your freeFundamentals Induction. This consists of two sessions in which you will learn how to correctlyperform the fundamental movements which will build a solid foundation to start the EVOLVE S&C programme. During each session, you will also perform mini workouts based on themovements you’ve learned to give you a taste of what it’s all about. As soon as you’ve completed the fundamentals intro, you’ll be able to book into the WOD’s and start benefitting from the EVOLVE programme.

What's it All About?

The Evolve Programme

The programme involves a combination of Olympic Weight Lifting, Metabolic Conditioning, Mobility and Nutrition. WOD’s (workouts of the day) will be programmed and posted on the wall daily by the EVOLVE coaches. The daily WOD will always be varied to build and improve all components of fitness.

Is it for me?

The programme is designed for everyone. The daily WOD won’t be changed to suit individuals, but it will be scaled by our Coaching Team depending on your ability, skill & fitness level. There will be a STANDARD for all WOD’s, but our coaches will scale against the standard if needed to make sure everyone gets a high intensity workout.

What does the membership include?

Full access to the EVOLE S&C programme including unlimited group WOD’s, exposure to our EVOLVE coaching team, in-house team events, performance & nutritional seminars and the odd social event. And one more thing, wait for it…….full access to everything else Evolution offers in the general membership packages.

What if I can't make a group WOD?

If you can’t make a group WOD on a particular day, you can still complete the WOD on your own when it’s convenient during open gym times. Our Coaches will be around to help out. We do recommend trying to make the most of the group WOD’s to be part of the motivating atmosphere that the group workouts will create. This will get the best out of you!

Benefiting from the Programme

We recommend that you try to attend at least four times a week to get the most out of theprogramme. As you progress expect to become fitter, stronger, leaner, more mobile and overall healthier. This will be achieved with a unique TEAM ethos where everyone strives to get to best out of each other. You will be the best version of ‘YOU’ possible, this is what our coaching team will always aim to ACHIEVE.

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